The meals you eat on the BBR program can be quickly and easily assembled simply by following a few basic guidelines.

•&nbsp Steroids for sale; Cook in bulk: Cooking foods in larger amounts is invaluable for meal planning. In the time it takes to cook one chicken breast, you can cook 6 – 8, and have the leftover meat available for eating as is, or ready to use in recipes. Many lean protein sources can be pre-cooked and stored for later use: chicken and turkey breasts, pork tenderloin, lean roast beef, seafood, etc. Even if you’re a single person, you can make recipes in larger amounts, and refrigerate or freeze the leftovers in sin- gle-serving containers. Soups, chili, stews, casseroles, meatloaf, etc. are ideal for bulk cooking and storage.

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It shouldn’t be necessary to purchase commercial canned soups or frozen entrees to accommo- date a single appetite.

Starchy carbohydrate foods like brown rice, other whole grains, and le- gumes can also be pre-cooked, and used for several different meals.

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You can also make ahead and freeze homemade protein bars, pan- cakes, and quick breads for snacks/meals. The recipe section in the Members’ Area forum has a number of recipes you can make ahead and store for snacks and meals.

Visit the recipe section in the Members’ Area:

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Make use of precut, ready-to-eat, and frozen vegetables/fruits: Larg- er vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower can be precut and stored in resealable plastic bags for eating raw, or adding to recipes and sal- ads. Ready-to-eat vegetables such as peeled baby carrots and grape/ cherry tomatoes are also handy. Frozen vegetables are an alternative to fresh, and are often more nutritious and less expensive than out-of- season, “fresh” vegetables shipped in from miles away and stored for

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long periods of time. It takes only moments to put a cup or two of fro- zen or precut veggies into a microwavable dish. Use bagged, pre- washed baby spinach leaves and other salad greens, or make/bag your own bulk, ready-to-eat salad.

Use Your Blender: Keep bags of frozen, unsweetened berries (particu- larly blueberries) and other fruit in the freezer for adding to home- made MRPs/smoothies. Add protein powder, ground flaxseeds/flax oil, and other ingredients for a fast meal-in-a-glass.

Make use of acceptable ready-to-eat products: Keep single serving containers of cottage cheese, low-carb or light yogurt, reduced-fat string cheese, pre-seasoned tuna, and MRP packets around for fast, portion-controlled snacks and/or office meals. Other pre-made foods such as hummus, guacamole, pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, reduced sodium, low fat deli turkey/chicken breasts and lean roast beef can also be used.

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Foods that don’t require preparation, like whole grain crispbreads, nuts/seeds, and fruit can be used to round out quick meals.

With a little practice, you’ll find that you can minimize shopping trips, and plan your eating 3 – 4 days in advance, without having to eat the same menu over-and-over again, 7 days a week.

I think it’s safe to say that most of the people reading this book have other things to do besides where to buy injectable steroids lift weights and prepare meals. Having other priorities often means that you spend at least part of the day away from home. So your nutrition plan needs to be thoroughly integrated into your lifestyle if you’re going to make progress.

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In order to manage, you need to either a) bring food along with you; b) rely on restaurant meals of some sort; or c) both.

Packing food with you isn’t difficult, if you have the right supplies. Invest in an assortment of single-serving, reusable containers, a wide-mouth ther- mos, blue ice packs, resealable storage bags (various sizes), shaker bottles, and a soft-sided insulated cooler or large lunch bag. Having these items on hand means you can take your diet with you to your job – you don’t need to rely on kitchen facilities, or the office refrigerator/microwave.

As for what to bring…well, you’re limited only by your imagination and the amount of time you have available to eat.


If you’ve cooked ahead of time, then there will always be some ready-to-eat meat in the fridge – leftover boneless chicken breasts, lean roast beef, or a turkey breast. Sliced cold meats can be eaten plain or put into a sandwich (pita sandwiches or wraps w/lo-carb tortillas are good variations). Add variety to sandwiches with different condiments: choose from an array of gourmet mustards or more exotic items like wasabi, pesto, and satay sauces. Leftover meat can also be chopped up and used to create salads – these take only seconds to scoop into a container for munching later on.

Side dishes that are easy to prepare (or buy) ahead and store well include: tabouli, hummus, potato/pasta salads, marinated vegetable salads, various (reduced fat) cheeses, cottage cheese, yogurt, pre-cut veggies/dip, grape tomatoes, hard boiled eggs where to buy stanozolol, fresh or dried fruit, seasoned tuna packs, nuts/ seeds, peanut/nut butters, baked tortilla chips, whole grain crackers/crisp- breads.

If you have access to a microwave, various other entrees what do buying legal testosterone enanthate online in (such as leftover soups, stews, or casseroles) can be packed along. You can also pre-assem- ble a “rice bowl” (use pre-cooked brown rice, pre-cut fresh or frozen veg-

As for what to bring…well, you’re limited only by your imagination and the amount of time